Yamaichi Electronics extends its M12 and Push-Pull Connector Series with CAT6A Versions

Yamaichi_Electronics_Y-CircP-&-M-CAT6A_wText_picture_PRESSYamaichi Electronics in Europe continues to work on building out its M12 product series Y-Circ® M and the push-pull circular connector series Y-Circ® P.


M12 with X coding and in protection class IP68

Based on the familiar modular system of the Y-Circ® M, in which 360° shielding and vibration protection can be added by modular configuration, Yamaichi Electronics has now completed a CAT6A version. This X-coded, IEC 61076-2-109-compliant connector permits the interference-free transmission of signals up to 10 Gbit/sec. That highlights the competence of Yamaichi Electronics when it comes to the design and production of high-speed connectors.

Push-pull with high-speed insulators

Special insulating inserts were developed for high-speed data transmission. To ensure conformity with CAT6A, the pin layout in the insulator was fully redesigned. This particular layout is available in the diameters of 12 and 15mm. So far, this is unique on the market. Even at the smaller size 12, 10Gbit/sec can be achieved. The customer can select the specific connector size in accordance with their requirements.

Industrial strength

The M12 in CAT6A is also IP68 protected and meets the strictest quality standards for secure contact. The same is true of the CAT6A push-pull in IP50. This is particularly vital for demanding applications in industrial environments.

Production in Germany

To permit fast, flexible production, these high-speed versions in both series are also produced by Yamaichi Electronics in Germany. This location has been active for years in the area of cable configuration and the production of connectors.

Matthias Schuster, product manager for the entire Y-Circ® product family at Yamaichi Electronics, says this about the Y-Circ® M: “The version with X-coding is an extension of our existing CAT6A products in the RJ45 and push-pull areas. This permits Yamaichi Electronics to offer future-ready cabling from our own facilities for high data rates.”