TT Electronics’ zero ohm link is perfect for compact designs

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today launched a zero ohm link designed for making optional connections on printed circuit board assemblies.  The LRZ0603 offers the most compact 6A zero ohm link available in a surface mount ceramic chip format.tt054-lrz0603-resistors-pressphoto

With target markets in the automotive, industrial and instrumentation sectors the link is aimed at designers of a wide range of products including power supplies, small motor or actuator drive systems and power management.  The zero ohm link is used for making optional connecting points in a PCB, allowing a common PCB to be used for multiple product variants, saving on design time and inventory.  The LRZ0603 can also be used as a crossover to simplify – and reduce the cost of – PCB design by reducing the number of layers needed.

The LRZ0603 features a high current rating of 6A in SMD 0603 size (1.6mm × 0.8mm) thus reducing the PCB area required for a high current link, enabling product miniaturisation.  It is AEC-Q200 qualified, providing the assured reliability of an automotive grade component.  The link’s ultra-low residual resistance value is closer to the ideal zero ohm characteristic with negligible voltage drop and its low internal thermal impedance minimises heating in the assembly, improving reliability and reducing field failures.

TT Electronics’ LRZ0603 is unique among thick film on ceramic zero ohm chips in using a copper material to achieve low residual resistance coupled with low internal thermal impedance. A thick film copper conductive element is screen printed on a 96% alumina substrate resulting in far higher current ratings for a given footprint. This new 0603 size has a similar rating to the leading competing 2512 size i.e. with approximately 16 times larger area, and a much higher current rating than competing parts of the same 0603 size.  The LRZ0603 adds to and complements TT Electronics’ existing LRZ product series that contains larger sizes – see

The LRZ0603’s wrap-around copper terminations have an electroplated nickel barrier and solderable coating, which ensures excellent ‘leach’ resistance properties and solder ability. Chips can withstand immersion in solder at 260°C for 30 seconds and are suitable for reflow or wave soldering processes.

Factors driving the demand for this type of product are the growth of electrical drives and actuators in industrial and automotive markets, and the increasing offer of multiple option product variants.

The LRZ0603 zero ohm link is available from the following distributors: Mouser, Newark, and Farnell. For other franchised distributors, please see