PEI-Genesis and Harting highlight fast, reliable, door-to-door service at Philadelphia event

PEI-Genesis, one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connector and cable assemblies, known for delivering high quality solutions quickly to customers’ doors, showcased its partnership with HARTING when the company invited customers and employees to experience the HARTING Roadshow Truck at PEI-Genesis’ global headquarters in Philadelphia on November 17.


The HARTING Roadshow Truck is a tradeshow on wheels. It is outfitted to educate distribution partners and manufacturer representatives on connectivity technologies and trends so they can find the best solutions for customers. As an authorized distributor of HARTING connector solutions, PEI-Genesis welcomed the chance to visibly demonstrate what the partnership can do to help customers in the industrial, transportation, energy and other key market sectors.

“The HARTING roadshow is a great chance to show customers our capabilities, especially in the industrial market,” said Steven Fisher, Chairman and CEO, PEI-Genesis.  “At the same time, we want to make sure our own engineers and sales reps have the information they need to make the most informed choices, and guide customers to the right solutions for their projects.”

“The truck is a way to share knowledge and bring products directly to our distributor partners and customers, especially engineers,” said Christelle Smith, Distribution Account Manager, HARTING. “It is convenient. Customers do not have to go out to an industry tradeshow. They don’t have to go offsite at all. And it’s much more informative than looking at print or online catalogs.”

The truck is equipped with interactive product stations featuring industrial connectors, small form factor industrial and communications connectors, push pull connectors, service ports for Ethernet and USB, industrial Ethernet patch cords, board level connectors, and RFID solutions. Product displays are customized to meet the host customers’ focus. In addition, several touchscreens feature slick product videos, photos, and demonstrations.

Throughout the day, more than 60 PEI-Genesis team members and customers got a chance to visit the truck – parked right outside PEI-Genesis’ doors – where they learned about innovative and reliable connector solutions. The truck, which first hit the road around summer 2015, logs about 50,000 miles a year, traveling across the U.S. and Canada.