Protect IT equipment from brute force and ignorance

Telegärtner has introduced an RJ45 socket with a defined release force, specially designed for applications with increased public traffic.

The AMJ-S DD module Cat.6A releases the connection to the RJ45 connecting cable in case of unwanted pulling forces without latching lever actuation. Although the release force of this RJ45 jack is below the standard specifications for RJ45 plugs and jacks according to IEC 60603-7, this does, in fact, make the module ideal for protecting expensive and mobile IT equipment against the kind of damage common in local area network connected applications with increased public traffic.

This type of application is common in hotels, conference rooms and exhibition areas where equipment needs to withstand temporary, often unstructured connections. The AMJ-S DD module does of course offer sufficient plug-in and pulling force to prevent unintentional disconnection of the patch cord at low tensile forces.