Fiberguide Partners with Micron Optics to Provide Fiber Bragg Grating Optical Sensors

Optical fiber and assembly specialist Fiberguide Industries has partnered with sensing expert Micron Optics to manufacture their line of fiber Bragg grating optical sensors. The sensors are ideal for distributed sensing of stress, temperature, strain, displacement and acceleration on machinery, equipment, planes, buildings, bridges and other devices and structures.

The sensors are a product of a Micron Optics design, and Fiberguide’s construction expertise and process refinement. Bragg gratings written inside the sensors’ optical fiber core behave like mirrors that reflect light at a specific wavelength based on the periodicity of the grating. Exposure to strain or temperature causes a shift in the reflected wavelength, proportional to the change in strain or temperature. Unlike commonly used electrical sensors, fiber Bragg sensors are not susceptible to signal degradation caused by long distances or electromagnetic interference.

Fiber Bragg grating optical sensors are compact for installation into small spaces. The sensors can also be multiplexed, allowing many sensors for multiple signals and locations in a single optical fiber.