Visibility is a Must-Have | Clear two-way communication and demand visibility are key to sidestepping supply issues and maintaining availability

Corporate vice president, Future Electronics, Rick Hawron

Clear two-way communication and demand visibility are key to sidestepping supply issues and maintaining availability, explains Future Electronics’ corporate vice president, Rick Hawron

This year has seen the onset of demand-supply imbalances; this can be attributed primarily to exponential growth in the automotive industry, thanks to the increased electronic component content of vehicles, the proliferation of internet of things devices, and the fact that 2017 is a major Apple handset conversion year.

As a result, inventory and strategic supply chain solutions have become an increasingly essential element of Future’s engagement with its global electronics manufacturing service partners. Future aims to achieve best in class results through supply chain performance optimization, so constant end-to-end communication and demand visibility are key prerequisites.

Available inventory

One vital element of the company’s operational strategy is to maintain a high level of ‘available to ship’ inventory. A centralized and efficient planning organization ensures that 60 per cent of all inventoried products are available to ship at any point in time. This is facilitated by a robust global IT platform, which enables timely and accurate visibility and access to product on a global basis.

Physical inventory, while being a liability for some, is viewed as a key asset by Future Electronics. It’s something you can’t fake — you either have it, or you don’t.

Future’s partnership programs have exhibited time and time again that clear two-way communication, maximum demand visibility, strong inventory and a robust IT platform are key enablers to effective risk management. They facilitate regular on-time deliveries and ultimately underpin customer satisfaction.

Understanding the place within the overall ecosystem that global EMS partners occupy, enables Future Electronics to tailor seamless supply chain solutions that deliver results.