Rochester Electronics and Analog Devices team to eliminate design requalification costs

Rochester Electronics and Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) have teamed together to help customers avoid the high cost involved in requalifying existing products by replicating an obsolete ADSP-2101 DSP. After the DSP went to End of Life (EOL) status, Rochester Electronics worked with ADI and a leading industrial customer to replicate the device to satisfy existing production requirements.

When the ADSP -2101 EOL was announced, supply was initially satisfied with existing wafers, die and finished goods material. Once this was exhausted, Rochester Electronics was supplied with the source design, technology, and test databases to efficiently replicate and then ship the device only nine months after receiving the IP. This effort kept the customer production schedule on time.

This proprietary process allows customers to eliminate the time necessary to redesign, requalify or recertify older designs by utilizing original manufacturer (OEM) authorized IP to create device that is form, fit and functionally equivalent to the original device with no software changes necessary. This process can also be utilized to replicate other end of life devices.

Device Replication Highlights:
•Design centers located in North America – Rockville, MD and Minneapolis, MN.
•DO-254 minor change classification.
•Physical design replication from the original archive or die.
•Physical process replication through device analysis and selection.
•Electrical performance replication.
•Produce ITAR Designs.

About Rochester Electronics
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