Innovative Elio® Fibre Optic Termini Series by Souriau – now available from Aerco Ltd

Meeting the need for ruggedized interconnects in aerospace systems and other harsh environments, Souriau’s Elio® range of fibre optic termini provide a robust solution, that can withstand the most severe vibrations, while maintaining excellent optical performance, even after aging.

Available in both physical contact and expanded beam versions, with the same fit and form, the termini employ a robust spring-loaded optical contact using an ST style 2.5mm ferrule and are compatible with single-mode, multi-mode and POF fibres, in loose or tight structure cable. The fibre optic termini are keyed to eliminate their rotation, which provides for superior vibration tolerance and consistent optical performance. An integrated seal inside the rear boot-grommet results in an IP67 sealed contact, even without a back-shell fitted. Retention of termini inside the connector is secured by a bayonet locking system, requiring no insertion or extraction tooling. When the two spring-loaded termini of a mating connector pair meet, the one in the female insulator is slightly recessed into a ceramic guide sleeve, ensuring the optical alignment of the two contacts.

Elio® physical contact termini use a ceramic ferrule with a UPC polish and are available in both single mode and multi-mode versions. The design facilitates easy cleaning of the contacts, as no parts need to be removed.

Eliobeam® is a non-contact expanded beam version of the termini, employing a metal ferrule with an embedded lens. This expands and collimates the beam from the launch fibre, to present a relatively large beam cross-section at the connection interface, which is then re-focused back down into the receiving fibre. This makes Eliobeam® ideal for optical connections which are subject to environmentally exposed mating cycles as no physical contact takes place, therefore protecting the fibres from potential contaminants.

To support hybrid mixed optical and electrical layouts in 38999 series III and Arinc 600/404 series connectors an Elio® AQ adapter is available, enabling the Elio® #16 contacts to fit in any #8 Quadrax cavities.

Elio® contacts feature reliable high thermal stability from -65°C to +125°C and a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

Key markets are Aerospace, Military, Marine and Railway.