Farnell presents the POTTA artisanal 3D printer driven by AI for enhanced functionality and results

POTTA artisanal 3D printer, exclusive to Farnell, incorporates new technologies to improve print quality and flexibility of 3D printing

Farnell, the Development Distributor, is now shipping the POTTA artisanal 3D printer, incorporating Actual Intelligence (AI) technology to provide users with enhanced functionality, better results and increased flexibility. Ease of use and onboard AI-driven support make this product suitable for new and experienced users at home or in professional applications.

The POTTA artisanal 3D printer utilises the latest in AI to deliver enhanced capabilities versus other 3D printers currently available in the market. The POTTA accepts a broad range of input types from 3D models to visual and voice recognition, making this 3D printer an ideal starter unit for users without experience in 3D modelling software. Uniquely this printer offers a chat facility, although throughput may be impacted by too much interaction.

This revolutionary 3D printer has been developed to optimise a truly hands-on traditional finish for an endless array of products such as tableware, vases and decorative prints. The newly developed Fail Monitoring System® and Print Rewind Technology® mean prints will be retried if they fail to meet the POTTA’s self-determined quality standard. The POTTA also incorporates virtually unlimited memory for retrieval of previous designs, football scores and office gossip.

James McGregor, Global head of Test, Tools and Production Supplies for Farnell says: “This new printer from POTTA is a game changer in the 3D printing market, enabling even the least experienced users to achieve exceptional results first time. The on-board AI technology creates a tool that is easier to use than ever before and promises improved results with every print. In addition, the voice recognition and hand-drawn sketch capabilities of this printer are exceptional, making POTTA the most interactive and user-friendly option available.”

Key features of the POTTA artisanal 3D printer include:

• Built in AI: Enables project on project improvement, mid-print design changes and “you should have thought of that earlier” feedback at the end of a print.
• A flexible API: Freedom to input designs using voice-recognition and hand-drawn sketches.
• Performance boost capability: Throughput increased dramatically by the addition of CAFFINE®.
• Self-Cleaning: POTTA cleans up the workspace after use.
• 8-hour Daily Duty Cycle: With optional extension using overtime functionality. (User advisory: Ease of use may be affected if a full sleep cycle is interrupted while in sleep-mode).
• Design changes possible mid-print: Enables design to be changed after printing has started. Requires POTTA to be chilled and Please-and-Thank-You® operator mode enabled.

• Chat mode: Continuous chatter that may be proactively activated if workload decreased.
• Low-cost materials: Ceramic prints that use clay, rather than expensive reels of plastic filament.

The POTTA artisanal 3D printer is exclusively available from Farnell in the UK and Newark in North America. Price is dependent on the age and experience of the POTTA.

Watch this short video to find out more about the POTTA and enter Farnell’s draw to win an ENDER-3 PRO 3D printer: