Wide range of push-button metal switches

RJS Electronics has over 16 years of experience in globally supplying high-quality electromechanical components to a variety of industries.  Their products and services have contributed to designs in many industries including security/ door entry, automotive, military and emergency services, lighting, broadcasting, security, aerospace and medical equipment. RJS Electronics are constantly looking for ways to support new designers and industries.

RJS Electronics provides excellent customer service, high-quality products at competitive prices and have a fast-turnaround for delivering their goods. When enquiring about products, don’t forget to ask them about the customisable options. Many of their products can be bespoke, including custom legends, pre-wired, different LED colour options, body finishes to match and support your product design.

RJS Electronics Ltd offer a wide range of push-button metal switches, illuminated and non-illuminated switches, relays, along with many other electromechanical components. Regularly updated information about their existing products, new products and services. Easily find product information via the search bar or find out more from their blog posts.

RJS Electronics have been focusing on key product ranges:

Short body/ low profile metal switches – The short body metal switches are available in sizes 12mm – 25mm, with or without an LED option, with internal resistors. The short body/ low profile metal switches are waterproof IP67/IP68. The 19mm is available in two options as a PCB and screw type. The low profile behind panel depth of (max) 14mm. Ideally used for handheld devices e.g. controllers, commonly used in the security industry.

RJSPS16A Range – The RJSPS16A range is a range of durable plastic switches which can be customised to feature symbol/ LED light to support either latching, momentary or locking application. Ideally used for security, locking/lockers. Also used within Industrial controls to operating machinery and signpost warning.

PB615 Range – The PB615 Range is available as through-hole/SMT mount can be customised to suit your product with custom symbols or with a single/bi-colour/ RGB LED illumination and supporting silent or tactile click. Ideally used for audio and lighting by the broadcasting and automotive industry.

RJSZ15G SERIES – This series consists of 15 snap action switches. Snap action switches are small, reliable and inexpensive devices utilised to maintain equipment repeatedly used, which can open and close circuits for safety.  The snap action switch is available in the following actuator configurations: lever, pin and roller level and available with solder or screw terminals. Snap action switches are commonly used in lift doors, heavy loading vehicles, domestic/commercial electronic applications, and industrial machinery.

Recently, RJS Electronics Ltd has re-launched its website, giving the website a fresh-outlook and making it easier to search and find information about their products and services. Download product catalogues and information pdf or easily contact them through their website, email, social media or call them.

RJS Electronics Ltd has over 15 years of experience in supplying high-quality electromechanical components to a variety of industries worldwide, focusing on delivering excellent customer service, high-quality products, competitive pricing and fast turnaround for speedy delivery.

Contact them via e-mail [email protected] or phone today +44 (0)1234 213600.