TE Connectivity enables high speed signals with new STRADA Whisper Cable Receptacle

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in innovative connectivity solutions for high-speed computing and networking applications, today announced the launch of its new STRADA Whisper cable receptacles, which can allow engineers to start designing for up to 112G PAM-4 data rates in servers, switches and routers.

These cable receptacles incorporate STRADA Whisper connectors on one end and connect to a variety of other high speed solutions on the other, including backplane, mid-board or input/output (I/O) products, bypassing the printed circuit board (PCB) and minimizing insertion loss and crosstalk.

TE’s STRADA Whisper cable receptacles are useful for maintaining optimized signal integrity at high frequencies. The cabled receptacles can also save space on the PCB, which can be essential for dense equipment designs. The STRADA Whisper cable receptacle may be compatible with a variety of TE’s  backplane, mid-board and I/O products including small form-factor pluggable (SFP), quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP), quad small form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD), Sliver, and octal small form-factor pluggable (OSFP) connectors (and custom cable assemblies are available upon request), giving system architects flexibility to create the advanced communications equipment their customers demand.

“At TE, we strive to be among the first to deliver next-generation data rates in our connectors and cable assemblies,” said Dean Harmon, product manager at TE Connectivity’s data and devices business unit. “Our STRADA Whisper cable receptacles can optimize signal integrity at high frequencies to facilitate the design of our customer’s next-generation data center equipment.”