Harwin Introduces FPC Assemblies with Hi-Rel Connectors

Harwin now offers both its Datamate J-Tek and Gecko high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors with flexible printed circuits (FPCs) attached for situations where there is little space above the board surface. Highly suited to aerospace, motorsport, satellite and defence installations, these FPC assemblies provide engineers with lower profile interconnect solutions.

This means that the PCBs within a system design can be stacked much closer together. Through right-angled connections, these components can be kept at the periphery of the board resulting in thermal management and ease of mating benefits.

The Datamate J-Tek option consists of a 2mm-pitch connector plus a 1A-rated 1mm-pitch FPC, and is supplied in a single-ended design fitted with a male connector. The Gecko options have a 1.25mm-pitch connector along with a 0.4A-rated 0.5mm-pitch FPC, available in single- or double-ended configurations. Standard 10-contact assemblies are supplied from stock, with other assemblies available on request.

The FPCs feature a copper-clad polyimide base with a bonded overlay. There is a rigid area at each end to aid connector mounting. They are able to support a much tighter bend radius than conventional cables and are also better suited to dynamic movement when bent. Thanks to the innovative 4-finger design used for the Beryllium Copper contacts, these assemblies exhibit strong resilience to shock (up to 100G) and vibrational forces (up to 20G), without breaks in signal. Inclusion of stainless steel jackscrews on the Datamate connectors and sturdy latches on the Gecko connectors ensure interconnect integrity is maintained. The Harwin FPC assemblies have an operational temperature range matching the relevant connectors, up to ‑65°C to +150°C. The free ends of the FPC are compatible with industry standard FPC/FFC connectors that accept 0.3mm thickness circuits.