Laird Thermal Systems launches the UltraTEC™ UTX Series, a New Generation of High-performance Thermoelectric Coolers

Laird Thermal Systems has launched a new generation of high-performance thermoelectric coolers that offer a 10% boost in heat pumping capacity, greater temperature differential and higher efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers.

The new UltraTEC™ UTX Series thermoelectric cooler offers a heat pumping capacity of up to 296 Watts with a maximum temperature differential (Delta T) of 72°C. The UTX series is ideal for spot cooling applications with industrial lasers, laser projectors, medical diagnostic systems and analytical instrumentation.

Thermoelectric coolers are solid-state devices that use the Peltier effect to pump heat away from temperature-sensitive electronic devices. With no moving parts, thermoelectric coolers can cool electronics well below ambient temperatures and can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and operation costs when compared to other cooling technologies. Thermoelectric coolers offer high reliability with no operational noise and can perform well in high-vibration applications.

The UltraTEC™ UTX Series is assembled with advanced thermoelectric materials for higher heat pumping capacity and features a higher thermal insulating barrier when compared to standard materials. The module also consists of a larger number of N and P couples to generate a higher heat flux density than standard thermoelectric coolers.

“Our test lab has measured up to 10% improvement in cooling capacity and more than 3°C in improved temperature differential,” said Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. “This means less input power is required to achieve the same cooling power or extra cooling capacity is available to achieve desired control temperature in higher ambient conditions.”

The UltraTEC™ UTX Series is available in 13 models covering various footprints, capacities, configurations and voltage options. For more information on the UltraTEC™ UTX Series, or to check for stocking distributors, visit