Manufacturing much needed display sub-assemblies for NHS Ventilators

Review Display Systems is currently working hard with manufacturing essential sub-assemblies for ventilator systems. This is in collaboration with a group of companies, which included MClaren Formula 1 team and Ford, working with Penlon as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium and with whom the Government has placed an order for 15,000 ventilators for coronavirus patients.

Our expertise in providing display sub-assemblies and our ISO13485 approval has enabled us to consistently manufacture high quality products and has ensured we can supply these urgent 15,000 products over the next few months quickly and efficiently.

RDS can design, prototype and build a range of bespoke products. If a company needs extra capacity to an existing manufacturing process or a new product that needs to be brought to market, they can help. With many years’ experience in embedded and display products their specialists have all expertise and knowledge required to assist in even the most challenging of requirements.

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