Innovative no compromise basic DIN-Rail power supplies offer cost advantages

PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, introduce the latest models in their market leading PIANO series. The PIANO-PIM family have been designed for use in the many industrial applications which only require a basic power supply so that customers do not have to pay for unnecessary control and communication facilities.

The new PULS PIANO-PIM series offer a cost effective, space-saving, efficient, reliable and durable DIN-Rail mounted AC/DC converters. The 100-240VAC wide range input, 24VDC output units are available in three versions: PIM36 (36W), PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W). With these additions to the already very successful PIANO power supply range PULS now provides users with a complete, cost-oriented, product family with outputs from 30-480W. At ambient temperatures between -10°C and +55°C, the devices work at full power without derating. The PIM90 is also available as an NEC Class 2 version for the US market.

The PULS PIANO-PIM range use innovative technology to make savings in cost and space. The single PCB design uses a reduced number of high-quality components, lowering cost, simplifying manufacture and improving reliability. The PIM90 is currently the smallest 90W DIN-Rail power supply on the market. The compact design saves space on the DIN-Rail in the control cabinet and makes them ideally suited for decentralised use in cramped systems or spaces – e.g. building automation.

The high efficiency synchronous rectifier design based on MOSFET technology (90W PIANO achieving over 93.8% at full load and +40°C ambient temperature) reduces the need for system cooling and further increases reliability. With exceptionally low losses even in idle or standby mode at < 0.5W, the PIANO-PIM range particularly is useful for applications in building automation. In building safety systems power supplies often remain in standby mode for days or even weeks. Due to the very low no-load losses in the idle state, considerable energy costs can be saved over the long term.

The high efficiency and optimised thermal design allow polycarbonate housings to be used, reducing weight and providing a robust impact resistant enclosure. The use of a plastic housing means the small, low power PIANO power supplies can be operated without grounding, saving additional installation time and cabling costs.

The PIM60 and PIM90 power supplies are available with either screw terminals or time saving push-in terminals. PULS devices are optimally prepared for automated wiring processes. The PIANO-PIM range meet all international safety agency approvals and are CE marked.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager for PULS Power, comments,” Our PIANO range continues the PULS philosophy of offering our customers “more with less”. Our new PIANO-PIM range of power supplies are ideally suited for worldwide applications requiring a simple, basic, cost effective power supply with no compromise on quality. The compact size of the PIM36, PIM60 and PIM90 allows more flexibility in system design while the simple installation provides significant time and cost savings. PULS power supplies continue to set new records in their respective performance classes in the quality-critical functions such as efficiency, lifetime and size.”