Central Semiconductor’s New Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifiers in bare die

Central Semiconductor Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative discrete semiconductor solutions, introduces its new portfolio of Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die. Optimized for high temperature applications, these devices are available in both 650V and 1200V, with a current range of 4A to 30A for 650V devices, and 2A and 50A for 1,200V devices.

The primary benefits of Silicon Carbide (SiC) over silicon (Si) are stable switching performance over temperature extremes and high levels of energy efficiency. Theoretically, SiC die can operate at junction temperatures greater than 600°C, well above the package device rating. The attractive electrical properties make SiC one of the most compelling semiconductor technologies in the industry. These devices provide exceptional energy efficiency as a result of low total conduction losses, and minimal electrical characteristic changes over a wide temperature range. These Schottky rectifiers are ideal for power inverters, industrial motor drives, switch-mode power supplies, power factor correction (PFC), and over-current protection.

Central’s product portfolio includes the following devices:

• CPC08-SIC04-650 – (650V, 4A)
• CPC09-SIC06-650 – (650V, 6A)
• CPC10-SIC08-650 – (650V, 8A)
• CPC07-SIC10-650 – (650V, 10A)
• CPC16-SIC10-650 – (650V, 10A)
• CPC11-SIC30-650 – (650V, 30A)
• CPC12-SIC02-1200 – (1200V, 2A)
• CPC05-SIC05-1200 – (1200V, 5A)
• CPC06-SIC10-1200 – (1200V, 10A)
• CPC14-SIC10-1200 – (1200V, 10A)
• CPC13-SIC50-1200 – (1200V, 50A)

Bare die devices are available as full unsawn wafers, sawn on a plastic ring or metal frame, and waffle packed in chip form. Please contact Central Semiconductor for a price quotation.
Central Semiconductor Corp. manufactures innovative discrete semiconductors to meet design engineers’ ever-changing challenges. Complete specifications for the Silicon Carbide Schottky rectifier bare die portfolio are available on Central’s website at: