PROVERTHA offers ultra-compact angled SMT D-Sub connector in slimline design for industrial applications

Provertha has a comprehensive D-Sub connector range for a wide variety of applications and now also has a 9-pin slimline version for industrial applications in its portfolio. The high-performance D-Sub connector from the TMC series in slimline design reduces the required PCB area by up to 33% compared to a conventional D-Sub due to its 90° angled SMT terminations in ultra-flat design. Its reliability under high mechanical loads guarantees sufficient safety reserves in harsh industrial applications. Thanks to its compact installation height of only 4.65 mm, this D-Sub slimline connector now offers the industry excellent opportunities for miniaturisation highly robust device interfaces.

The outstanding features of the D-Sub connector include its solid metal pegs, which are firmly attached to the metal housing. They reliably absorb the insertion and withdrawal forces under mechanical stress and enable effective and reliable grounding. The insulating body made of high temperature resistant high-performance thermoplastic and a solid large SMT connection area to meet the coplanarity requirement ensure safe SMT application. The black insulator facilitates simple and clear recognition with a vision system. In addition, the fully automated SMT assembly and soldering process is ensured by tape-and-reel packaging and an integrated pick-and-place area for the vacuum pipette. Soldering anchors absorb the insertion forces and thus protect the contacts. A dual-beam female contact ensures maximum contact reliability.

Further advantages are the high current carrying capacity of 4 A at 20 °C and the extended mechanical life of 250 mating cycles. The connectors are available as male or female versions with various mounting options (through-hole and threaded rivet for UNC 4-40 or M3).

By acquiring ERNI’s D-Sub products including machinery and tooling, Provertha has optimally expanded the existing product portfolio and offers high-performance D-Sub solutions for almost every application.