CamdenBoss launches the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure – more than just a standard box!

CamdenBoss’ latest enclosure innovation comes equipped with more ‘bang for its buck’ than an ordinary general-purpose enclosure solution found elsewhere on the market. Designed with everyone in mind, from the design engineer to the assembly line and end user, the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure is the enclosure to consider when sourcing for your next project.

Whilst designing this enclosure, we asked ourselves: “What common issues are found within the industry that we can address in our next product?”. It was with this thought process in mind that we set to tackle industry specific problems, whilst offering innovative features and benefits, all packed into a premium quality electronics enclosure.


The Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure was the result!

You may ask yourself what benefits the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure offers. The enclosure makes use of a unique dual action lid, featuring a push-button clip mechanism that attaches the lid to the base. This allows the lid to be attached quickly and easily without the need to screw the lid down. With this feature, it provides quicker assembly over conventional lids and therefore offers cost savings. If this isn’t necessary to you and you prefer a conventional method, then the lid is reversible and can be turned 180° where a brass insert will then line up with the button hole, allowing a countersunk screw to be used.

The lid also incorporates another unique feature that is used in combination with the base, again offering an improved assembly time approach. Located near the upper rim of the base section are PCB ledge supports, allowing you to simply and effortlessly place your PCB in this position, without the need to screw it down. A set of moulded springs, located in the lid, gently but securely push down onto the PCB to keep it securely in position once the lid is in place.

What about space? In many standard off-the-shelf electronic enclosures, there are obstructions that prevent the PCB from reaching the far corners or walls of the internal space, thus creating

restrictions when either designing your PCB or selecting an enclosure later on down the line in your project. These restrictions are normally seen as screw pillars that are used to attach the lid to the base and are commonly found around the corner edges of the box. Due to our lid mounting feature, these pillars are non-existent and therefore allow you to maximise on your PCB footprint, gaining edge-to-edge PCB capability in both the lid and the base. This gives you the added benefit of selecting an enclosure size that best fits your PCB without having to overcompensate on the overall size of the housing for the sole purpose of fitting in your board. The-edge-to-edge feature is again reinforced by the fact that there is no internal ribbing. We removed this as we experience high volumes of enquiries where this is more a detriment than a benefit and is commonly removed to make way for components that are required to meet the edges of the enclosure.

This UK manufactured universal enclosure has been designed to provide flexibility and increased functionality. With the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure, it’s not about gaining manufacturing benefits, but instead offering an engineered solution that actively combats industry issues.

These robust and high-quality enclosures are moulded from ABS UL94 V0 material and available in four sizes and three colours (black, white and grey).

To find out more, or to make an enquiry, visit our website ( and download our datasheet and technical drawings or alternatively you can get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirement today on 01638 716101.