Free WORM?

Don’t worry, we’re not offering you a free living thing that wriggles and squirms.

The chances are you’ll know that WORM stands for Write-Once-Read-Many, and in order to celebrate Nexus Industrial Memory’s new partnership with Flexxon, we’re giving away five WORM MicroSD test kits.

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What’s the benefit of the Flexxon WORM SD?

Flexxon WORM improves datasecurity in the workplace and in your embedded systems.

Data cannot be erased or manipulated once written to Flexxon’s Write Once Read Many (WORM) SDcards and microSD cards, and in-built, unalterable data storage functions recognise the difference between a legal and an illegal action.

Legal actions include creating directories and adding files. Stick to those and you’re fine.

Illegal actions include trying to rename a directory or file, trying to delete a directory or file, trying to reformat the memory and trying to clone the device. Try any of those and the whole card goes into lockdown mode.

Very smart, and super important in today’s data sensitive world.

Is the Flexxon WORM right for you?

Flexxon WORM SD is already being used in all sorts of settings, including the legal, financial and security sectors, and it’s taking off in a broader sense too, with many embedded systems designers discovering the significant benefits offered by the technology.

We see many applications for this technology – which is already finding traction in the legal, financial and security sectors – and we predict it’s going to take off in the much broader business IT sense too as well as designed into embedded systems (e.g. security and fire panel, EPOS terminals etc.)

When you submit your details, you’re giving yourself a great chance of securing a Flexxon WORM SD test kit for free, giving you a fantastic opportunity to try out the technology for yourself and understand whether it’s right for you and your applications.

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What do you get with the WORM kit?

The WORM kit includes a Micro SD card, SIM eject tool, USB card reader, MicroSD to SD card adapter, giving you a complete data storage solution, and everything you need to try the product out for size.

The multiple connector works flawlessly with devices to log relevant data, ensure security, and prompts error notification once any illegal activity is attempted. Designed by a team of experts, it is an incredibly resourceful and reliable memory solution.

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