Sensing an electric future

AB Elektronik, an AVX Group Company, introduces its sensor portfolio which supports applications from industrial machines to agricultural vehicles.

AB Elektronik’s sensor portfolio includes custom and standard sensor systems and control units. With over 30-years experience in automotive-specific sensor solutions, the company develops and provides solutions for the global automotive industry. Position, speed, temperature, pressure and fluid quality sensors are vital components in passenger cars, commercial and off-road applications. Customers can order small quantities of standard versions. For industry-specific applications such as off-road, agricultural, mobile machines, and industrial machines, the company offers technical support for modular concepts with proven solutions designed to meet the needs of bespoke applications.

AB Elektronik’s products are engineered to offer accurate, fast, reliable and robust solutions capable of withstanding the effects of dirt, vibration, temperature, mechanical stress and other challenges of demanding environmental conditions. As electronic devices continue to get smaller, innovative solutions and modular sensor concepts include smaller components to accommodate high demand in small devices. Likewise, they perform multiple functions with fewer components and less weight while retaining high performance.

The transition to electronic drives and emission-reduced solutions in all areas of mobility and industry require new solutions. AB Elektronik states its intelligent engineering and proficient technologies are backed by proven modular designs that minimize the need for testing and validation in new applications for the future.

For electric motors, the company offers rotor position sensors which detect the high revolutions of modern electric motors, outperforming VR resolvers in almost every aspect.

Position sensors monitor linear paths and the properties of battery cells which are key in modern vehicles, niche applications and industrial uses. In the field of temperature sensors, AB Elektronik offers solutions designed to ensure reliable monitoring of batteries in a variety of applications. The company’s battery switch enables fast, safe and noiseless disconnections from the high-power batteries for electric vehicles in case of an emergency.

AB Elektronik offers key account teams located in all major global markets who work with customers to understand the product development roadmaps they have set and develop solutions to facilitate customers’ needs.

Engineering expertise can be applied to support customers’ needs by defining their objectives and understanding special requirements, along with local demands.

Using core technologies and product platforms, AB Elektronik’s teams identify the best solutions to meet or exceed customer requirements for performance, reliability, size and cost. With its geographical footprint, AB Elektronik provides manufacturing and after-sales services and support
in most major regions.