Charcroft acquires ICW and ClarityCap audio capacitors from BorgWarner Wrexham

Charcroft Electronics Ltd. – a specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components – has acquired ICW, including ClarityCap audio capacitors, from BorgWarner Wrexham. The full range of metallised plastic film capacitors will continue to be manufactured in Wrexham, Wales.

  • Acquisition extends Charcroft’s range of UK-manufactured audio passives

  • Full range of metallised plastic film capacitors will continue to be ‘Made in Britain’

  • Field-based technical support will help customers to achieve high quality

  • ClarityCap capacitor values from 10nF to 200µF, with up to 1000µF in a single component

  • Customisation options enable support for customer branding and pin-outs

The ClarityCap capacitors will expand Charcroft’s existing range of UK-manufactured components for the high-end audio market which includes silver mica capacitors and precision resistors.

“The acquisition of ICW and ClarityCap will enable Charcroft to deliver field-based technical support for customers who are looking to achieve high levels of quality,” comments Debbie Rowland, Director, Charcroft. “The ICW capacitors have been used in audio, industrial and military applications for over 30 years and Charcroft has been a franchised distributor for the same period. The focus will also be to ensure that the capacitors will continue to be ‘Made in Britain’.”

Specialist manufacturing will enable small batches of ClarityCap capacitors to be manufactured and offer customisation to meet different corporate colours and preferred lead-outs for customers.

Demand from the high-end audio market and partnership with university research teams have been key to the development of ClarityCap capacitors. The range covers values from 10nF to over 200µF and provides up to 1000µF in a single component.