Importance of a strong inventory

Mouser’s senior vice president of products, Jeff Newell, explains how by ordering months in advance of expected demand, the company stays ahead of lead time extensions.

In the face of semiconductor shortages and other supply chain disruptions in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, Mouser’s longstanding strategy to invest in and maintain strong inventory is helping meet the component needs of buyers and manufacturers around the globe.

Mouser’s senior vice president of products, Jeff Newell, said: “As an essential infrastructure business and part of the global supply chain, Mouser continues to ship hundreds of thousands of components every week. Because Mouser orders months in advance of expected demand, we have done a good job trying to stay ahead of lead time extensions and product availability issues in our industry.”
With over 1.1 million unique part numbers in stock or available to order, Mouser’s inventory position is designed to ensure customers get what they need fast. Additionally, the distributor specializes in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies, helping customers gain the edge they need to reduce their time-to-market. The company’s assortment of products from over 1,100 manufacturer brands assists customers in finding alternate products should the need arise.

Despite 2020’s challenges, Mouser added over 70 semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers to its line card and introduced nearly 5,000 new products.

Newell added: “There’s never been a more important time to buy from an authorized distributor. Fully operational at all 27 of our global locations, Mouser has the professionals and procedures in place to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain, free of counterfeit or gray market products. Customers can always expect 100 per cent certified, genuine products that are fully traceable from each manufacturer.”

Mouser ships everything from its distribution center in Texas, so all products are picked, packed and shipped from the same location, rather than from multiple warehouses in different countries.