May contain a flexible power alternative: Containerised UPS solutions

Upcycling has been a way of life for generations. From clothes and art to furniture, cars and high cube containers. More commonly known as shipping or storage containers, these industrial steel boxes have been upcycled into garden buildings, offices and some of the most impressive architectural structures in the world.

The versatility and structural robustness of these steel frames makes them ideal skeletons for a wide range of building applications. Available in standard sizes from 8ft to 40ft they have become a commonplace alternative for many wooden frameworks. With both environmental and financial benefits, the use of shipping containers is being expanded even further and companies like Power Control Ltd has been pushing the boundaries of development to create a fully operational and highly intuitive ISO containerised UPS solutions.

Development of these all-in-one containerised solutions has been driven by consumer demand for hire UPS units, which are frequently required to support onsite building works, renovation projects and emergency situations in the event of a system failure or to cover any downtime from maintenance. In the face of the pandemic, we have seen UPS hire demand rise within the healthcare industry to support temporary hospitals and hospital extensions. Hiring UPS units to provide interim power protection can be a very cost efficient way of achieving temporary power protection. In most cases hire UPS units are pre-commissioned before deployment which not only saves time onsite but also provides added peace of mind that the UPS system is configured correctly.

UPS hire services often include emergency service cover and for those taken on longer term hire periods will include a routine service visit. Proactive UPS maintenance is essential to ensure equipment performance and should always be adopted. Where hire UPS are positioned within existing internal environments it is important to consider atmospheric conditions including temperature, air flow and access.

Acting as an extension to a business’ premises, an all-in-one containerised UPS system factors in environmental surroundings and includes a built in environmental control system. This makes the solution a useful addition to a business requiring critical power protection without temporarily having to free up space and set up a dedicated and controlled area. Containerised UPS systems from Power Control are quick and easy to install once they arrive onsite as they only require connecting to the electrical supply with power lock connections. Hiring a containerised UPS is significantly cheaper than investing a DC or comms room and provides a business with more flexibility.

Using their knowledge of the critical power path and over 27 years of experience in developing critical infrastructure, Power Control’s research and development team has converted a 20ft high ISO cube container into a self-contained emergency power solution. With extensive safety features and systems, the containerised UPS solution is available up to 800kVA and in three configuration models, Power, N+1 and A+B to provide different levels of power protection depending on the criticality of the equipment being supported.

This is a standard UPS hire deployment, where units are required onsite and operational within a very short time frame. With a stock holding of over £2million, onsite testing facilities and its own team of nationwide engineers, Power Control can carry out critical tests and commissioning services almost immediately. Pre-commissioning of UPS systems before despatch can save significant amounts of time and up to a day of time onsite. It also allows Power Control to carry out component checks to ensure that the system operates properly and to the correct configuration. A containerised solution may also be considered as a rented OPEX option for project work with fixed-term contracts.

Power Control has supported numerous sporting events, retail outlets and distribution centres, as well as temporary hospitals, with its UPS hire services. Interim backup power hire services have also been widely used for emergency situations where pre-existing backup power has failed or requires extensive maintenance works. The company offers short, medium and long-term hire options of its UPS systems, which can be installed internally or provided as part of a containerised solution for temporary positioning outdoors. All of its UPS hire services also come with the option to purchase the solution at the end of the hire term.