Central Semiconductor’s New CMDFSHC3-100 & CMDFSHC5-100 Low Profile Schottky Rectifiers

Central Semiconductor Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative discrete semiconductor solutions, introduces its latest 100V low profile Schottky rectifiers: the 3ACMDFSHC3-100 and the 5ACMDFSHC5-100.These energy efficient devices are packaged in the low profile SMC DFN surface mount case, and utilize highly reliable passivated silicon die.

The space-saving SMC DFN package is 1.25mm in height, 53% lower than the comparable SMC, to supportdesigns requiring low board profiles. Electrical specifications for these highly energy efficient devices include a low forward voltage (VF) as low as 0.78V at 5A. These devices are ideal for reverse polarity protection, boost converters, DC-DC conversion, power factor correction and power management, and general rectification applications. Central also has the ability to perform parametric electrical selection to meet designers’ specific requirements.

To see application examples and additional information, please visit for 3,000 pieces on 13” tape and reel starts at $0.18 for CMDFSHC3-100, and $0.21 for CMDFSHC5-100. Samples are available upon request. Central Semiconductor Corp. manufactures innovative discrete semiconductor solutions to meet design engineers’ ever-changing challenges.