Free webinar: Adapting to the 2021 European Right to Repair Initiative for Electrical and Electronic products

Did you know that home appliances such as TVs, washing machines, fridges, and soon laptops and smartphones, will be required to last longer and be repairable for at least 10 years under the new European Right to Repair Initiative?

The Right to Repair Initiative

Within the new EU framework, one of the initiatives that will have the highest impact for both the consumer and supplier is the Right to Repair Initiative; this initiative ensures that appliances such as washing machines, fridges, hairdryers and televisions will last up to 10 years and will be cheaper to repair. Furthermore, this initiative will be extended to other devices such as, smartphones and laptops.

This initiative leaves many open questions for manufacturers, suppliers and consumers:

  • What are the new design and labeling requirements?
  • Is there risk of product recalls?
  • How much of the repairs will affect warranties and product safety?
  • What are the future implications within the European market?

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