New Lextar Wide-Angle IR LEDs for camera applications

Beck Elektronik extends its product portfolio with the new wide-angle infrared LEDs of the PR35V- series from Lextar.
They offer an asymmetric viewing angle of 130° x 80° by using a secondary optic which helps to achieve better illumination making it the perfect solution for surveillance and vision systems.

Besides the bright and uniform illumination another benefit is that just a very small amount of optical

power is lost at the areas outside the field of view of the camera as most of it is covered by the illuminated area of the LED. Compared to that conventional IR LEDs have a circular viewing angle that leads to weak illumination with low energy efficiency. To prevent that the LEDs are designed to perfectly match the 16:9 screen of wide-angle cameras and target to eliminate dark corners and compensate for camera shading effects.

The standardized 3535 package of the Lextar PR35V-series is available with 850nm and reaches optical powers of up to 2W. The lead frame package ensures low thermal resistances and efficent heat dissipation to make it reliable under challenging driving conditions.