Why You Should Become a Certified Interconnect Designer CID

The technological landscape is constantly changing, all around the world. To not only remain competitive but at-all relevant, companies and individuals alike must continually train and keep up with this ever-changing industry around them. This continued professional development, while rather easy to obtain in most other sectors, is considered quite difficult and almost niche within the world of PCB design. Unlike a lot of other industries, professional designers within this field have far fewer resources available to allow them to pursue the knowledge and qualifications necessary. 

As technology advances in this field, electronics designs tend to become more and more smaller, efficient, complicated, and resilient. However, all PCB designers must work through some challenges such as dense layout, controlled Impedance signals, and thermal challenges. The IPC Designer Certification Program, consisting of CID and CID+ however, serves this exact need and is targeted towards engineers working in or opt to work in the PCB design industry. The CID programme ensures that delegates are familiar with vital aspects of decision-making process while designing PCBs and adopts the IPC standards from very beginning of their work to develop standard products without any complication in the process. There are several benefits to becoming Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) trained. Here are a few among those…

  • Improved Producibility – CID programme will help you understand decisive manufacturing criteria, from feature sizes to the manufacturing process itself, you’ll likely see the potential improvement in your possible yield which subsequently ensure reduction in overall recurring cost of the product.


  • Efficient Performance – The actual performance of the circuit itself is now becoming a much bigger concern with increased data rates for electronics. The functioning of electronics today requires a designer to do more than merely hook up a connection or comprehend electromagnetic theory, but instead implement that understanding into every single design. The requirements for power management itself must also be implemented to guarantee that final design will perform properly and with CID or CID+ Advanced Training, you will have that understanding indeed.


  • Constrained Layout management – High Density Interconnect (HDI), which reflects miniaturization and complex feature sizes becomes more difficult with growing standards of above mentioned two benefits. HDI is immensely important to achieve performance and producibility as per expectation. Moreover, designing appropriate layout while considering HDI and thermal stress is crucial, which is covered by CID in a specific way that supports mass fabrication and assembling processes of PCBs.

Today’s Designer Must Equip Themselves

Experienced Designers of today must do all they can to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and abilities to stay up to date and relevant within their field. While they may not necessarily be taught in the more traditional education settings, it’s possible for designers to go that extra mile and gain the additional knowledge and skills needed to enhance their performance through the completion of CID and CID+ training through IPC certified trainers. If you are a beginner in the field of electronics you will find yourself with all these questions; How do I decide which board stack up? How to make a PCB suitable for manufacturers? What size of pads are optimum for certain components?  What type of thermal relief should I use? What should be the thickness of my traces for higher currents? What should be clearance? All these questions have one answer; to become an IPC certified Interconnect Designer (CID). Being a professional engineer, beginner or experienced, CID is one of the best things you can choose to do. Moreover, being an employer if you are looking to simply enhance the training of your employees to provide them with the ability to keep pace with today’s ever-changing industry, CID and CID+ training are highly recommended, as well.

Contact A.R.T Today

To ensure you’re getting the very best training possible, we recommend contacting Advanced Rework Technology Ltd, one of the longest running IPC certification centres in Europe offering all levels of IPC training including CID and CID+. With customers spanning the globe, A.R.T are one of the best training providers out there and can ensure you and your staff are trained to the very best standards possible. For more information, contact them today on 01245 237 083. Have a go with it and at the end walk out with utmost understanding of how to design the best, most robust PCBs possible.