Time for idea exchange

With the electronic components industry facing an uncertain business climate and supply-chain challenges, manufacturers, distributors and sales representatives are encouraged to attend the EDS Summit which returns 30 August to 2 September 2021

With a legacy dating back decades, the EDS Leadership Summit is a premier annual event for the electronic components industry. It is unique in the conference and trade show business because it functions as both a high-level, meeting-based event and a vibrant marketplace where conversation leads to commerce.  

It’s called a ‘leadership summit’ because EDS brings together industry experts and decision-makers from the world’s top manufacturers, distributors and sales representatives to share insights, focus resources, make plans and build new business. At the heart of EDS is idea exchange, which takes place at strategic meetings, event functions and informal gatherings throughout the Summit.  

All official EDS activities will be held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The location of the conference, meeting rooms, suites and guest rooms are carefully organized to minimize time spent getting from meeting-to-meeting. At the time of writing, masks, capacity limits and social distancing are no longer required for most Las Vegas businesses, bringing this year’s Summit as close to normal as possible. There are exceptions and delegates can learn more at 

Due to pandemic-related scheduling issues, the 2021 SPARK 1.0 Professional Development Program was held virtually earlier in the year and will return to EDS in 2022. The SPARK program introduces talented people into EDS and gives them new competencies to grow their careers.

With over 2,200 members, the EDS LinkedIn group provides a forum where all EDS channel partners—including manufacturers, authorized distributors and sales representatives—can meet and network. Join the discussion by typing ‘EDS Summit’ into the LinkedIn search box.

The All-Industry Reception will be held on Monday, 30 August. This popular get-together provides an energetic introduction to the week ahead and allows industry colleagues to reconnect in a casual setting. This year, there will be a lot to catch up on. 

Above all, EDS is about personal connection, networking and exchanging ideas. This is what makes EDS unique. Taking advantage of all EDS has to offer requires planning. To make effective use of your time, plan on contacting people you want to see well in advance. Every meeting is an opportunity to build your company’s brand, so be purposeful, deliver a clear message and always follow up.

The Global Electronic Distributors Association (GEDA) is now the third sponsoring association of EDS, joining the Electronics Representative Association (ERA) and the Electronics Components Industry Association (ECIA). 

The resources on are designed to make participation as easy  

and productive as possible. They include: Best Practices, Manual for Logistics and Support Services. You’ll also have access to advice from EDS board members, staff and our three supporting associations.