$100 million component inventory

PEI-Genesis UK’s senior VP and MD Europe, Jonathan Parry

PEI-Genesis UK’s senior VP and MD Europe, Jonathan Parry, suggests it will take some considerable time for the global value chain to re-establish demand/supply equilibrium.

The demand/supply imbalance applies to all markets and all countries. Whether you are looking for a new car, additional labour or shipping containers from the Far East, all are in short supply, driving prices higher and higher.

In the connector market we too are seeing greatly extended lead-times from most manufacturers, along with more frequent price increases. This means planning for purchasing professionals is getting incredibly difficult—unless you partner with an expert like PEI-Genesis who can support you during these problematic times.

PEI-Genesis holds over $100 million of component inventory around the world and can offer alternative compatible connector products if a first-choice solution is unavailable. We help thousands of customers every day as their trusted advisor and make the right product selection to meet their requirements for price, availability and quality. 

2022 is going to be very tough and it will continue to be impossible to predict future demands. I encourage you to contact the PEI-Genesis team who can assist you and bring our 75-years of connector know-how to your project.