Dedicated to counterfeit avoidance

Electronics Sourcing North America asked CTG’s senior director quality compliance, Kevin Patel, to step readers through the company’s anticounterfeiting procedures.

Q:) When buyers are sourcing components for government, defense and aviation applications what accreditations and standards are required and what process underpins these?

A: CTG’s sourcing, quality and counterfeit surveillance certifications include AC7402-CAAP, ISO9001, AS9100, AS9120, AS6081, AS5553, CCAP-101 and ANSI/ESD-S20.20. These certifications are evidence that the company’s quality management system (QMS) processes are battle-tested by outside auditing agencies and top aerospace and defense customers.

Q:) What counterfeit procedures does CTG take to ensure components entering the supply chain are 100 percent genuine?

A: CTG applies a multi-layer risk mitigation process which includes applicable standards (AS6081, AC7402, IDEA-STD-1010, CCAP-101, AS6171/AS6174) and CTG’s ability to source reliable parts from validated procurement sources within the supply chain. With a robust procurement process working hand-in-hand with risk application and Counterfeit Prevention laboratory, CTG has the ability to provide 100 percent authentic parts.

Q:) When purchasing professionals are confirming component authenticity, what are the three most asked questions?

Does the product have reliable trace? CTG only procures from reliable industry sources, to satisfy customers’ requirements and reduce the risk of product nonconformance. CTG implements full testing and inspection (above industry and customer requirements) to ensure 100 percent authenticity.

How does CTG authenticate products? By following all industry standards applicable for the specified commodity type, CTG applies multi-testing standards and test practices which meet and exceed industry testing requirements. Risk models are implemented based on procurement source to ensure additional verification/validation points are necessary and correct sampling, testing protocols are subject to the commodity to completely reduce risks.

Does CTG have qualified personnel? CTG employs industry engineers, including inspectors and technicians who are all certified. All technicians and inspectors are IDEA-ICE-3000 Inspectors and CQI (Certified Quality Inspector) certified. All inspectors and technicians are also IPC-610 certified.