Charcroft launches ClarityCap® Purity high-end audio capacitors

Charcroft Electronics Ltd. – a specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components – has launched the Purity™ range of ClarityCap® audio capacitors to deliver a significantly lower noise floor, with more ‘dark space’ around the audio signal, and an improved dynamic range. These features enable greater clarity for audio reproduction as well as improved spatial separation for the individual instruments and vocals.

“The feedback from audio engineers who assessed the initial samples of the Purity audio capacitors confirms that the increased tweeter drive transforms the treble for more nuanced reproduction,” explains Debbie Rowland, Director.

The Purity capacitors use proven windings based on the Enhanced Super Audio (ESA) capacitors for voltages up to 630Vdc, and the Minimal Resonance (MR) capacitors up to 800Vdc, with capacitance values from 100nF to 73µF. The CopperConnect® technology in the end connection was proven in the ClarityCap CSA and CMR capacitors and has been increased to 10mm thickness. This maximises the high-frequency propagation of the signal across the end-face of the capacitor and minimises the effects of grain-boundary crossings on phasing.

The silver-coated, multi-strand Van den Hul® cable termination used in the Purity capacitors is specified by many high-end loudspeaker manufacturers. This adds to the combined increase in surface area to provide an easy path for high frequencies to reach the tweeter and to deliver accurate reproduction of the source.

The development of the Purity audio capacitor builds on the ClarityCap® experience of working closely with the specialists in the audio industry since 1974 to design and manufacture metallised polypropylene film capacitors for use in audio applications. Extensive academic research has also been carried out by the Department of Acoustics & Audio at the University of Salford.