EAO has extended its Series 82 product line

EAO has extended its Series 82 product line with an over-molded option and M12 connector that offers complete front and rear IP67 protection and fast mounting. The over-molded option provides ideal protection for applications in harsh industries and environments, such as the food and beverage industry where alkaline cleaning agents and corrosion can severely impact HMIs. Additionally, external factors in the form of hard-to-remove dirt, fine dust, along with severe vibrations and blunt impacts commonly encountered in heavy-duty and specialty vehicle applications also require HMIs to provide a very high level of resistance.

The over-molded version of EAO’s Series 82 meets these strict requirements and provides reliable enhanced protection. These attractively designed illuminated pushbuttons feature a housing made from SUS 316L stainless steel and a Tritan light guide resistant to cleaning agents. These design features provide protection against wear and ensure consistent clarity of both the dot and ring illumination.

The new Series 82 overmolded version is ideal for the food and beverage industry, heavy duty and specialty vehicles, buses and coaches, and marine applications. To learn more, please click here.