ODU Connectors – Exhibiting again at ECS

ODU-UK Ltd are pleased to be returning to the Electronic Component Show on Thurs May 19th at the Kassam Stadium, Oxford. Jason Laver will be manning the stand and has several new products to demonstrate, such as:

The ODU AMC® Series T connectors

The ‘T’ stands for three locking plug variants, each fitting the same receptacle, allowing a standard bulkhead across all equipment. Simply choose the locking system that is appropriate to the function at each specific connection point.

Series T connectors offer weight savings, robustness, easy handling and fast cleaning, together with secure transmission of high data volumes – all life-critical in extreme situations.


ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections

Available as circular and modular connectors, or a custom fully-assembled fibre-optic system.

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed, ODU high‐performance optical connectors deliver both quality and stability, serving a wide and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:

■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

■ Fibre-only or hybrid versions

So, if you’re facing a connector or packaging conundrum, then why not drop by Stand 41 and tell Jason about your problems – he may have an answer.

However, if you are not attending the show, then more information is available here