Heraeus Webinar shares new insights in LED packaging

Heraeus Electronics today announced that it will hold a free WelcoTM LED Solder Paste Webinar on Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 3 a.m. EDT. The new webinar is entitled, “Enabling Mini and Micro LED using Heraeus Electronics LED series solder paste.”

Consumers demand superb displays. Highest contrast, lowest energy consumption and flexible dimming are just some of the criteria they want to see covered. Heraeus Electronics’ latest LED series of solder pastes coupled with renowned WelcoTM technology are engineered specifically to overcome these challenges

Manufacturers adopt mini and micro-LEDs to meet consumers’ needs, facing the challenge of assembling them with accuracy, high yield, and solid reliability. Superior assembly materials such as solder paste are critical in enabling mini and micro-LEDs in these applications.

Heraeus WelcoTM LED-series Lead-free No-Clean Printing Paste​ has been designed for LED flip-chip packaging of mini-LED displays, backlight unit (BLU) and automotive. Formulated with Heraeus proprietary WelcoTM powders, its flux system is optimized explicitly for lead-free alloys, such as Sn/Ag/Cu. This formula provides superior performance on a variety of surface finishes and leaves behind a clear residue. The superfine unique WelcoTM powder technology excels in printing and soldering performance in tiny LED pads, enabling consistent printing even in tight particle size distribution.​

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