Class-leading power density

Innoscience Technology’s new ultra-high density 140W power supply demo uses the company’s high and low-voltage GaN HEMT devices to achieve efficiencies of over 95 per cent (230VAC; 5V/28A). Measuring just 60 by 60 by 22mm the PSU has a power density of 1.76W/cmᶟ.

General manager of Innoscience Europe and marketing manager for the USA and Europe, Dr Denis Marcon, said: “By using GaN switches for both the high and low-voltage functions on this design, we are maximizing efficiency rather than compromising it with lossy silicon devices. This is possible thanks to Innoscience’s cost-effective and high-volume manufacturing processes and capabilities.”

General manager of Innoscience America and Sr VP of product and engineering, Yi Sun, added: “This design, which targets USB PD3.1 notebooks and power tools, is a full two per cent more efficient than silicon designs. This proves what can be achieved if GaN FETs are used everywhere, even in a relatively simple design.”