Increased rating to 1,700W peak

Flex Power Modules has introduced an enhanced version of its BMR350 non-isolated quarter-brick DC/DC bus converter, the BMR350 x250/531. Continuous power rating has been increased from 860 to 1,300W, with a peak power capability of 1,700W.

The product maintains the same footprint (58.4 by 36.8 by 12mm) and has the same input range of 40 to 60VDC (80V/100ms). Output is set at nominal 12.12VDC, now rated at 108A continuous (170A peak) and is adjustable from 8 to 13.2V. The increased rating is enabled by an additional bottom side cooling plate along with doubling up of output connector pins.

Flex Power Modules’ director product management and marketing, Olle Hellgren, said: “We have nearly doubled the power rating of our BMR350 product in the same size for an even wider range of applications as a bus converter. With its innovative cost-saving technology, the product now represents even better dollar per watt value.”