USB-IO board enables control and monitoring

Review Display Systems has introduced a USB monitor and control interface board which features a range of I/O ports which can be controlled and monitored using a single USB serial interface.

Applications include embedded systems, IoT and stand-alone equipment for controlling and monitoring external hardware such as relays, smart sensors, actuators, lighting and motors.

The board features a 16-bit TI MSP430 microcontroller which allows full user control and interrogation of all the on-board input/outport ports, interfaces and sensors. The user interface is controlled via a single USB serial connection to a host controller or embedded computer.

Review Display Systems application engineer, Liam Layton, said, “Many embedded computers are not designed with support for general purpose I/O. As a result, this lack of easily accessible I/O can create challenges in embedded applications when trying to control and monitor external hardware and systems. The new RDS USB-IO board overcomes these obstacles by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface with many different I/O options available.”