Investment doubles warehouse size

Stego is expanding capacity at its Schwäbisch Hall headquarters including a doubling of warehouse volume for production. The decision to double the volume of the automated warehouse was based on rising product demand which was straining material supply and logistics. The workforce is also growing, with the first half of 2022 seeing a 10 per cent increase to 150 employees. A showroom for displaying Stego products and services will become the hub of the reception area.

The two-storey 1,500m² facility is designed to the most stringent German building standard for energy efficiency, KFW 40. A photovoltaic system provides the production machines with sustainable electricity.

New products are the key driving force behind constantly increasing sales. For example, in autumn 2022, half a dozen new products are being introduced at the SPS trade fair. The foci here are control cabinet heaters in the new loop design and sensors for measuring condition data in industrial systems.