From Humble Beginnings to Global Leadership

Headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Digi-Key Electronics is recognized as both the leader and continuous innovator in the high service distribution of electronic components worldwide. As the original pioneer in this space, Digi-Key has been a key resource for engineers and procurement professionals for nearly 50 years. Today, Digi-Key provides more than 13 million components from over 2,300 quality name-brand manufacturers, with an industry-leading breadth and depth of product in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Digi-Key is a $4.5 billion company and employs more than 4,800 people in northwest Minnesota and beyond, delivering over 27,000 packages per day to customers in 180+ countries around the world. Digi-Key had humble beginnings in 1972 as a small mail-order company selling leftover parts to a digital electronic keyer kit (the Digi-Keyer). Today, Digi-Key is a leading global e-commerce company with a strong heritage of serving as a critical partner for companies around the world. This year, the company is opening the doors to its new, 2.2 million square foot Product Distribution Center expansion, which will allow the organization to meet and exceed customers’ expectations more efficiently.

Digi-Key is proud to be widely recognized as the leader for:

  • Availability of products
  • On-time delivery
  • Overall performance
  • Engineer-friendly website
  • Customer service

From prototype to production, Digi-Key fuels innovation all over the world. Beyond the products that drive technology innovation, Digi-Key also supports design engineers and procurement professionals with a wealth of digital solutions and tools to make their jobs more efficient.

To maintain a high level of customer and supplier satisfaction, Digi-Key continues finding creative ways to enhance its offerings and services. For example, Digi-Key has invested in more robust and predictive web search functionality, higher inventory levels and increased automation in its warehouse, which all benefit customers by providing an easy and efficient research, shopping and delivery experience.

Digi-Key has also invested in innovations, including cut tape printing, delivering more products and services within the ecosystem to provide customers around the world with even more reasons to make Digi-Key their first stop in the design process.

Digi-Key is a single source for all aspects of technology innovation, including bare PCB boards, automation and control, test and measurement, IoT solutions and virtually all things related and adjacent to technology innovation, all through a singular shopping experience.

Digi-Key is always developing new ways to make it easier for customers to digitally engage, including localizing their experience in markets around the world with local language, currency and support, and provides fast shipping times as well to remove barriers for global customers.

Digi-Key is excited to partner with suppliers and customers to inspire new innovations and automation that will enable the world’s ideas. Learn more at