Cost, size and thermal advantages

Mouser is now stocking Qorvo’s QPF4656 and QPF4730 Wi-Fi 6 and 6E (802.11ax) front end modules. The FEMs are designed to deliver up to 25 per cent more power efficiency than current competitive solutions. Their small form factors and integrated matching help minimize layout area while providing cost, size and thermal performance advantages.

Applications include access points, residential gateways, customer premises equipment and IoT devices.

Both FEMs incorporate a single-pole two-throw switch and a by-passable low noise amplifier with a 5.945 to 7.125GHz (QPF4656) or a 5.1 to 7.125GHz power amplifier (QPF4730). The FEMs provide transmit gain values ranging from 30 to 32dB and receive gain of 14.5dB, with noise figures of 2dB.

The FEMs include die-level filtering for second and third harmonics, 2.4GHz rejection for DBDC operation and a voltage detector for application feedback. The QPF4632 also includes a coupler RF power detector.