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You are invited to come and learn more about, the trusted source for aggregated price and availability data for all of your electronic component needs. Developed by the world’s leading distributors in support of the global authorized channel, only displays information for genuine components from sources verified to be 100% authorized.

Other key features of include:

  • Accurate real-time pricing and availability information
  • 54 billion products in stock
  • 25+ million unique part numbers from over 4K manufacturers
  • Local languages and currencies
  • BOM management and risk analysis tools
  • Stock and price alerts
  • Easily integrated API
  • Use of the site is free

So whether you are a user of the site, a distributor interested in participating on the site, or a component manufacturer wanting to display your channel partners’ inventory on your site, come visit us at Hall A5, Booth 108 to find out how can help you.

If you want to set up a specific appointment, please notify Victor Meijers at [email protected]