Ready to reduce assembly time?

CamdenBoss introduces buyers to an enclosure which offers innovative features designed to help manufacturers reduce assembly time and improve production efficiency

A manufacturer’s ability to reduce production times is an indicator of its efficiency, is directly linked to the bottom line and provides the company with a competitive edge. To help manufacturers shorten assembly times, CamdenBoss’ has launched its Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure.

The enclosure comprises a unique dual action lid, featuring a push-button clip mechanism that attaches the lid to the base. Thus, the lid can be attached quickly and easily without the need to screw it down. This feature allows quicker assembly and subsequent cost savings. If this feature isn’t required, the lid can be reversed where a brass insert lines up with the buttonhole, allowing for a countersunk screw.

The lid functionality provides effortless assembly capability which, on the production line, saves time. With a shorter assembly time more units can be put together faster, boosting efficiency, shortening lead-times and providing cost savings and increased sales.

The Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure has another trick up its sleeve to boost production line output, which can be found within the enclosure itself. Located at the top of the base section is a set of supports on either side. These supports have been designed to require no screws when mounting a PCB. As a further security measure, the lid incorporates a set of moulded plastic springs that hold the PCB in place from the top so the board experiences no movement once the enclosure has been assembled.

These smart features provide benefits to both OEM manufacturers for assembly speed and end users should the internal space need to be accessed at any time. So, if manufacturers are looking for an enclosure that combines quality, high design standards and the added benefit of a fool proof quick assembly method, the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure offers a solution.