ODU at Compamed 2022: Safe and powerful connector systems for medical technology

Compamed is the trade fair for high-tech solution in medical technology and ODU is exhibiting for the first time, reflecting the importance of this technology as a strategic target market. Numerous product innovations will be presented, demonstrating secure connections in a wide range of medical technology and sales engineer Mark Pass will be on the stand to greet visitors from the UK and Ireland.

Custom solutions
Medical technology often has very special requirements, so unconventional solutions are needed. ODU develops these together with its customers – tailored to the application.
At our our in-house test laboratories, experienced experts test the newly developed products and
provide customers with detailed test reports. Naturally, quality is the number one priority.

In-house cable assembly and silicone over-moulding
ODU’s customers receive connector systems from a single-source that meet all common requirements in the medical technology sector. With the help of in-house design & development, coupled with industry-specific expertise, ODU consistently drives innovation.

Fibre-Optic systems
In medical robotics, the networking of medical devices using high data-rates is of increasing importance, so ODU will showcase its Fibre-Optic portfolio at Compamed.

Medical standards and laws
The IEC 60601-1 standard is already incorporated into product development, significantly reducing the workload for medical OEMs and ensuring legal certainty.
Likewise, the introduction of the MDR imposes further obligations on manufacturers and ODU has introduced new products and systems to cope with this – helping to ensure patient and user safety.

Worldwide production creates supply-chain reliability
ODU operates manufacturing sites on three continents: Europe, America and Asia, creating a
high degree of independence and delivering supply-chain reliability, especially crucial at present.