Freely search 54 billion in-stock products

ECIA’s senior vice president, Victor Meijers

Electronics Sourcing asks ECIA’s senior vice president, Victor Meijers, to explain Trusted Parts’ uniqueness, the benefits of using the service and some of its most useful features


Q: What makes Trusted Parts unique compared to other aggregator sites?

A: When inventory aggregation sites first appeared, there was little to no distinction made between authorized and non-authorized sources. In response, a group of distributor members of ECIA (a non-profit trade association dedicated to supporting the authorized channel) developed which was later rebranded as Managed by ECIA and built by the leading authorized distributors for the industry, differentiates from the other for-profit aggregation sites.

Furthermore, is the only inventory aggregation site that displays price and availability information for electronic components exclusively from authorized sources. Additionally, unlike other aggregation sites, requires proof of authorization by the manufacturer before any products can be listed. These proofs are required for each region and regularly reviewed and audited. Therefore, users can search for, and buy, the products they need with confidence they are getting genuine components fully supported and warrantied by the manufacturer.


Q: How does the site benefit electronics purchasing professionals?

A: Sourcing components through the authorized channel is the greatest safeguard against unknowingly introducing counterfeit products into the supply chain. It also ensures products have been properly packaged and handled from original shipping to the production facility.

Another benefit is the efficiency of the procurement process. In one place, users can see price and availability data from more than 80 vetted distributors. With over 25 million unique part numbers from over 4,000 manufacturers, buyers can easily fulfill their requirements from 54 billion products in stock.’s API allows direct integration with quote tools and ERP systems, further speeding the sourcing process. The BoM tool makes it easy to search for an entire BOM at once. Stock and price alert features provide automatic notification when pricing or availability changes for components on a BoM, making it easier to manage market fluctuations.

All this information is real time, in local language and true local currency.


Q: Are there new features users may not be aware of?

One major recent feature is the ability to search by product description, instead of just part number. now also allows search by part category and product parameters to easily find components meeting specific requirements.

Another addition is product life cycle and supply chain risk information. Using this data, users can quickly determine whether a product is recommended for new designs and how readily available it is. These tools help avoid costly redesigns and highlight products with low risk of being obsoleted or difficult to procure.


Q: What is the cost and how is the site primarily funded? is fully funded by the fees sponsoring and other participating distributors pay. Therefore, unlike other sites and services, full use of, its various features and even the API can be made available at no charge.