Long-life memory ready to ship

Flip Electronics has signed a franchised distribution partnership agreement with SMARTsemi (a division of Smart Modular Technologies) to distribute its line of DRAM and Flash components. SMARTsemi supplies memory components focused on long-life embedded applications, particularly in medical, industrial robotics, communications, networking, home/gaming and defense.

SMART Modular’s senior vice president of strategy and marketing, Alan Marten, said: “We are pleased to offer our devices through Flip Electronics with their emphasis on customer service and support, a critical factor for our legacy and EOL customers.”

Flip Electronics’ executive vice president, Jeff Ittel, added: “SMARTsemi is the latest addition to our product portfolio of industry-leading manufacturing partners. The long-life cycles of many embedded applications for memory products make SMARTsemi a viable solution for Flip’s focus on providing an authorized source for long-term support of parts at the end of their respective life cycles.

“As new technology evolves, not all applications and designs evolve at the same pace. OEMs turn to Flip to source these products and Flip is there to support them as an ECIA-authorized distributor.”