Positive about coming year

Anglia Components’ CEO, Steve Rawlins

Anglia Components’ CEO, Steve Rawlins, explains the company’s secret to success involves continuous investment in people, inventory and personal service


Anglia celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2022 and it was a good year to celebrate. Our foresight in building up inventory ahead of stormy weather really paid off for customers. As a result, we had a good year and broke our record for highest ever monthly sales.


We proved our resilience in one of the most difficult markets any of us have experienced. Our UK stock holding, privately owned status and close customer relationships stood us in good stead. We didn’t let a single customer on our 80/20 inventory management system down over the year. As a result, customers are trusting us more than ever and consider us a safe pair of hands.


Forecasting is more difficult than usual due to uncertainty around the world but I feel incredibly positive about the coming year. The supply chain situation should ease. The consumer slowdown will release manufacturing capacity to build components for the industrial market. I’ve seen a wide range of market predictions which shows how hard it is to call. Anglia was over 20 per cent up last year and I think we will add 10 per cent to that in 2023.


Whatever challenges and opportunities 2023 brings, Anglia will face them with confidence in  our strategy: invest in good people (expanding our team), maintain and grow our UK inventory (expanding our warehouse) and maintain our exceptional personal service levels (announcements coming here). I’m excited about 2023 and what it will bring.