Facing challenges head-on

Rebound Electronics’ COO, Stefan Mason, explains how an independent distributor can support the supply chain via data-driven sourcing and global marketing intelligence


We expect 2023 to start much the same as 2022 ends. Whilst allocation has lessened in the consumer market, automotive and industrial sectors are still facing difficult challenges. We expect to see manufacturers obsoleting parts that are no longer profitable, leading to businesses having to re-source or change their designs.


We expect inflation of components, especially on older technology to continue throughout 2023.


Sourcing quality alternatives in areas of supply chains will be crucial in 2023 and beyond. Sourcing quality alternatives can lead to cost savings, decreased lead times and an overall mitigation of risk. There will be some tough decisions for manufacturers.


All these points are linked and each has a knock-on effect: allocation increases lead times, and lead times result in inflation, which in turn can mean parts going obsolete.


Whilst we see economic issues in the UK and understand the worry throughout the country, we also know how resilient our economy is and how adaptable UK businesses are to face challenges head-on.


It is more important than ever to ensure you align yourself with an independent distributor. One who can support your supply chain via data-driven sourcing, global marketing intelligence and utilising investments in quality to ensure you secure trusted products exactly when you need them.