Fostering true partnerships

Tioga’s sales and marketing director, Angela Williams

Tioga’s sales and marketing director, Angela Williams, explains how working with customers to share burdens makes the process and relationship a true partnership


With an increase in turnover for Tioga of £1.5m in 2021/2022 we know this was partly due to increased supply chain costs by either sourcing from the grey market, raw material hikes, energy costs, haulage and inflation.


We are expecting much the same in 2022/2023 and will work just as hard with customers to understand their forecasts, focus on immediate requirements and add to our stock levels. There is a slight difference. Moving forward we have a much higher and stronger orderbook and when parts do become available in 2023 we will be able to manufacture quickly to fulfil our backlog of open orders which customers are desperate to take. This will result in another year-on-year increase in turnover.


At Tioga we would say the last 12-months has been relentless, efficiencies are hard to control and our people are frustrated. It does feel as though it is becoming the normal everyday situation having to deal with parts not arriving or in reduced quantities. We are hoping that 2023 starts to settle down. We are still expecting higher costs but hopefully not coupled with the extortionate prices we have been subjected to in the grey market.


Customers are more forgiving. Their commitment is stronger enabling us to work together to share the burden which ultimately makes the whole process and relationship a true partnership.