Reducing purchasing and supply costs

Antistat’s founder and CEO, John Hensley

Antistat’s founder and CEO, John Hensley, explains how the company’s success is based on carefully listening to customers’ needs and responding with innovative solutions

Antistat was formed 35-years ago to meet the challenge of electrostatic discharge and the adverse environmental conditions experienced during handling and transportation of ESD sensitive devices and materials. Today, Antistat supplies ESD safe consumables and technology-led packaging solutions including personnel grounding, ESD monitoring and shipping materials.

The company has evolved in the industries and geographies it serves; launched 1,000s of products; developed innovative, cost saving solutions for customers; and won awards including environmental best practice and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade.

Antistat’s founder and CEO, John Hensley, said: “Core to our success is that our focus has and always will be our customer. Antistat has always supplied the solution for satisfying just-in-time supply chains for advanced manufacturing businesses. We spend a lot of time listening to what the customer needs and evolving our processes and supply chain to deliver quality products with full traceability worldwide; right product, right place, right time.”

Antistat also specialises in finding innovative technical solutions and ways to reduce purchasing and supply costs. The company works with customers to provide solutions on reductions in component purchase spend, inventory management, carriage and supply chain cost management, rationalised supplier bases, dedicated supplier contacts, streamlined documentation processing with full batch traceability and ongoing cost saving alerts.

The company operates globally, serving over 1,000 customers across 48 countries.