Outsourcing drive by customers

CML Innovative Technologies’ commercial manager, Roger Neal

CML Innovative Technologies’ commercial manager, Roger Neal, highlights a renewed outsourcing drive led by customers designed to reduce costs and meet deadlines and budgets by adding value to products

Manufacturing at CML Innovative Technologies demonstrated continued strength in 2022, building on momentum gained emerging from the pandemic and surpassing many expectations from the prior two years. While overall demand and production capacity have hit recent highs, there are indications and reports that the short-term outlook may be less bright.

There are concerns regarding inflation and economic uncertainty, while manufacturers struggle with skills and labour challenges that could stagnate or limit growth momentum. Sourcing and supply bottlenecks, logistical backlogs and energy/salary cost pressures all add to 2023’s challenges.

Reducing operating costs is high on many organisations’ agenda. There is a general onus on head count and a renewed outsourcing drive to ensure customer deadlines are met within budget. 

Commercial manager, Roger Neal, said: “Customers have always and will continue to look for opportunities to make savings, these can often be found by outsourcing or adding value to a product or service particularly where a reduction in price may not be possible. 

“Close contact with customers through site visits or online meetings helps our technical and design team fully understand the application and where if possible, CML can help offer those cost effective and value added solutions.

“With over 500 new part numbers created and in excess of 300 plus already planned or in the pipeline, 2023 will be met with high levels of confidence. This can only be achieved with a highly skilled and motivated flexible manufacturing team and CML are well positioned to meet any challenge presented.”